Magnets:  Agate (polished)


Polished Agate Magnets

About the Item:  These unique specimens are hand made in the USA (by me).  I tumble polished each agate (which takes several weeks to produce a high quality specimen).  I then mount the specimen on super-magnets so that they function well and don't slide off vertical surfaces.  I use very high quality super-magnets so that the magnet can be small and not distract from the beautiful specimen.

Each specimen is millions of years old and a wonderful item to give or enjoy yourself.  Agates have been used for jewelry, trade, and commerce for thousands of years.

Agate, a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, is a semi-precious gemstone.  It occurs as a filling within gas cavities and veins in certain lavas or as a replacement mineral within some sedimentary limestones and claystones.  Agates can form in a variety of colors depending primarily upon the presence of iron-rich solutes.


Carnelian Agate (polished)
Item 092712A

Magnet:  Agate (polished) - Semi-precious Gemstone
Eocene Epoch - 38 to 54 million years old
Western Washington, USA

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