Shipping Information for Charity Rocks Sales

USPO Boxes

Rocks, quite obviously, are in fact heavy as rocks.  Because rocks are heavy, unless otherwise agreed, I ship rocks through flat-rate U.S. Postal Service boxes.  These boxes come in a variety of sizes, holding up to seventy (70) pounds.  This is a great way to ship rocks rather economically.

The smallest box - into which I can put quite a number of smaller specimens - costs only $4.95.  Accordingly, I set up the e-commerce portion of my website to show zero charge for shipping, but a $5 charge for handling - which is to put your order into a small flat rate USPS shipping box.  This allows you to buy a number of specimens and ship them for a single charge (assuming they all fit in the small box).  If you need a larger box, no problem.  We can work that out.

For information on USPS flat rate shipping boxes, see

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