Okay, this meteorite - from the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory - is heavy.  (2012 NFMS Convention)

The following selected websites are great resources to learn more about meteorites.  You also can find helpful books at the Books & Gear page with a link to the Gator Girl Rocks Amazon Store.

Meteorite Information

Famous Meteorites

IMG 5755

The Willamette Meteorite & Me - in 2007

  • Hoba Meteorite - Namibia (the largest known meteorite on Earth)
  • Willamette Meteorite - Oregon (now residing at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City):  Largest meteorite found in the United States
  • Old Woman Meteorite - California:  Second largest meteorite found in the United States 

Famous Impact Craters

  • Barringer Meteor Crater - Arizona

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