Magnets:  Petrified Wood (polished)


Petrified Wood (polished) Magnets

About the Item:  These unique specimens are hand made in the USA (by me).  I tumble polished each piece of petrified wood (which takes several weeks to produce a high quality specimen).  I then mount the specimen on super-magnets so that they function well and don't slide off vertical surfaces.  I use very high quality super-magnets so that the magnet can be small and not distract from the beautiful specimen.

Each specimen is millions of years old and a wonderful item to give or enjoy yourself.

In March 1975, Washington designated petrified wood as its official state gem.

Petrified wood is created by permineralization – a fossilization process in which organic matter (wood) is replaced with minerals (silica), while retaining the wood’s original structure.  Much of the petrified wood now found in Washington grew during the Miocene Epoch, millions of years ago, when the state was swampy and mild, with vast forests of cypress, oak, elm, and ginkgo trees.  Although much petrified wood is buried in lake and river sediments and is thus found in mudstone or sandstone, many trees in ancient Washington grew next to large volcanoes which spewed tons of ash into the air when they erupted.  This volcanic ash settled and buried the trees in place.  In additon, some trees also were buried by lava flows.


Petrified Wood (polished)
Item 092712B

Magnet:  Petrified Wood (polished)
Washington State Gem

Miocene Epoch - 5 to 24 million years old
Western Washington, USA

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