Magnets:  Fossil Coprolite (petrified dung)


Fossil Coprolite Magnets

About the Item:  These unique specimens are hand made in the USA (by me).  I mount each specimen on a super-magnet so that they function well and don't slide off vertical surfaces.  I use very high quality super-magnets so that the magnet can be small and not distract from the beautiful specimen.

Each unique specimen is millions of years old and a wonderful item to give or enjoy yourself.  This may be the weirdest rock in the State of Washington.  For nearly a hundred years, recreational rock collectors as well as professional scientists from around the world have collected and debated the precise nature of these unusual rocks.  Many believe they are prehistoric coprolites (petrified dung).  Not to worry.  The organic matter has been replaced with siderite and limonite, both iron minerals.


Magnet - Coprolite
Item 092812FC

Magnet:  Fossil Coprolite (petrified dung)

Miocene-Oligocene Epoch - 30 to 35 million years old
Western Washington, USA

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