Making A Difference:  Gator Girl Rocks Helping Abandoned Animals

After a year of determined negotiating, I was able to persuade mom and dad to let me try to participate in an arts & craft fair.  Then, I had to get my booth and craft approved (apparently, I'm told, juried craft shows are not roadside flea markets).  The people in charge seemed to like my fossil and gemstone magnets so, once I paid for a booth, I was able to participate.


Me at a craft show in 2010 - selling specimens to raise money for abandoned animals

I designed and constructed a variety of unique fossil and gemstone magnets.  Making the polished gemstone magnets took several months to transform them from rough rocks to beautiful polished stones ... that would enhance any family refrigerator, office whiteboard, school locker, etc. and, best of all, at an affordable price.

I also planned some rock, mineral, fossil, and gemstone specimen sales as well as a prize wheel. Over the two day event, I was able to generate sufficient sales to produce a substantial net profit.

I then contacted our local animal shelter to see if I could help their animal foster program by purchasing puppy food, kitten food, cat food, cat litter, and puppy and cat toys to help decrease the cost of the foster program and hopefully expand its use.

Below is a picture of some of the supplies that I bought and delivered to the animal shelter - where a lot of other community members volunteer their time and talent to help a wonderful staff provide care to animals, some of which have had very hard lives.


Some of the supplies I delivered to Animal Services

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